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Welcome to Kenya!
Kenya Camera Safaris-For all your tours and travel in East Africa.
What Should You Know About Kenya Camera Safaris?

We are a tour and travel company owned and operated by indigenous Kenyans since 1998. The company founders and managers are veteran tour-driver guides for over 35 years and have accumulated an enormous wealth of knowledge on the flora and fauna of the East Africa region. This is our home and our ancestor's home. Let us show it to you.

We can take you to the scenery, the people, and the animals of East Africa. They are like nowhere else on Earth. You know that, or you wouldn't be thinking about taking a safari. But unlike other safari companies, when you come with us you are traveling with people whose roots go centuries deep. We can take you to the villages and the people, and we are taking you to visit our family and friends. When you travel with us, your money benefits the indigenous people- not a big corporation.

We can take you in comfort and safety, in reliable vehicles like our Toyota Land Cruisers and Caravans. You'll be surprised how good are the accomodations. We will make your safari a once-in-a-lifetime experience- unless you come back and visit us again.

Our policy is to protect the wildlife of our country. For the past decades, the wildlife in our national parks and reserves has been dwindling at an alarming rate. This has been mainly due to poaching, and sometimes due to unsustainable practices that put the survival of the fauna at risk of extinction.

At the establishment of our company, we had the slogan, "Leave the gun behind, carry your camera", hence the name Kenya Camera Safaris. By so doing, we are encouraging all visitors to our game parks and reserves to avoid shooting of the animals and birds, for whatever reason. Instead, they should appreciate and immortalize them in photography and film.

Safaris in Kenya offer visitors with every modern comfort while capturing the romance of these old-fashioned expeditions. The country has preserved wide tracts of land for the sole purpose of conservation; therefore visitors can enjoy a range of safari experiences and close encounters with wild animals. The thrilling roar of the lion in the silence of the night, or the cracking of bones as hyenas, the most savage of the scavengers, devour the remains of a kill are unforgettable experiences.